New Plastic-free Toothbrush

We recently received a small supply of German-made, completely natural toothbrushes. These have handles made from sustainably harvested wood (beechwood) that have been preserved with vegetable oil. More importantly, the bristles! The bristles are made from sterilized pig hair sourced from China, the only place in the world that currently supply the long-haired pig bristles. The bristles come from a domesticated breed of pig that is raised for meat. The skin, along with the bristles, are normally discarded but with these toothbrushes, what was once considered waste, can now replace plastic!

This is a very well thought out product – from the material to the packaging. It comes wrapped in a small piece of biodegradable cellulose plastic enclosed with a metal/cardboard clip that is 100% recyclable. Available in Adult and Child size.

Care: these toothbrushes need to dry out thoroughly between brushings.

8 thoughts on “New Plastic-free Toothbrush

  1. I haven’t got much money to be paying out for new toothbrushes they always get mouldy plastic but the wooden ones look brilliant!, please send me one!xx

  2. How do I buy a children’s one of these….I’ve been searching HI and low for these…thanks Sarah

    • Hi Sarah,
      I can mail them to you if you would like to purchase them. They are $5 each + postage. Please email me at – thanks, Linh

    • HI Peter,

      Please contact us directly and I can get you more details.
      Thanks, Linh
      or 1-604-568-3141

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